Liquid Skin

Monsters walk among us. Some of them hide in the dark; others hide in plain sight.
They look like us.
They act like us.
It’s time we learned HOW.

Until a suitable specimen is found to vivisect, Cheiron has had to improvise. A long history of melting operatives has taught the scientists a thing or two about molecular stability – this enhancement walks the line like nothing seen before.

An operative with this enhancement makes their skin and bone a little more . . . pliable. With a little practice, they shift their facial features with as little effort as smiling. Once concentration fades, their body sinks back into place like memory foam . . . usually.

COST: 2 Willpower/2 Bashing damage
Duration: One scene
Benefit: The user may change his/her appearance
Drawback: If the user is reduced to zero willpower, they are immediately incapacitated as their body softens and deforms to the point that it can barely sustain its structure.

Liquid Skin

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