Healing Factor

Cheiron has spent years experimenting with werewolf DNA. How can cells behave in a manner so similar to cancer and yet produce results that are so beneficial?

So far, all attempts to cure cancer via werewolf genetics have been outright failures . . . but even outright failure implies marginal success . . .

Cheiron scientists don’t just throw out cancerous werewolf cells. They’re much too interesting. They save them in a big vat. The unofficial name is the “dead pool;” anything that gets thrown in tends to get gobbled up and converted into more cancer cells.

Any operative crazy enough to get injected with the stuff will find that they can heal with a thought – every cell in his/her body is constantly healing. However, having a head full of constantly-regenerating brain cells has some . . . interesting side-effects.

The drawbacks don’t end there. While the operative has SOME conscious control over their body’s regeneration – much in the way a person has SOME conscious control over their own breathing – it’s only a matter of time before the healing factor runs out of cells to replace and starts making new ones.

It’s a tough balance – prolonged avoidance of injury will result in the operative sprouting tumors left and right . . . while OVERUSE of the healing factor might well result in the operative degrading into a mindless pile of goop.

COST: 1 Willpower
Drawback: Addictive, Severe Derangement
Benefit: Heals one point of lethal damage instantly
or Downgrades one point of aggravated damage to lethal
or Heals all bashing damage instantly
Special: If the user is reduced to zero willpower, he/she melts into a gross pile of yuck.

Healing Factor

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